Game Day Fees

Walk On Fee £20

Annual Membership

Full Hire £45
Gun Hire £15
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The Fort always provide a quality gaming experience for all airsoft players in a safe and enjoyable environment , whether it's your first time or you're a regular Fort goer! The Fort has a range of equipment for both hire and purchase available on site.
Name  Price  Includes 
Walk On Fee  £20.00  This covers an entire day's skirmishing.
Games begin at 10.00am and continue until about 4:30pm with a stop for lunch.
To avoid hassle please arrive no later than 9.30am.
This cost also includes a full face mask and a camouflage suit! 
Full Hire  £45.00  Includes camo, face protection, gun hire and 5000 rounds of ammunition.  Get some!  
Gun Hire   £15  Gun Hire For One Day - Free battery cange if required - One magazine.
Spare Magazine £2   Single Spare Magazine For One Day - Lose it, you pay £15!!
BB Ammo From £12.00 

High Quality Biodegradable Ammo - 5000 Rounds 0.20g