Game Day Fees

Walk On Fee £20

Annual Membership

Full Hire £45
Gun Hire £15
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Individual players are welcome at The Fort!  Just pick a game day and turn up !
Guns are available for hire and there is normally no need to book in advance. If you have a large group of players intending to turn up, we would appreciate a call beforehand so that we can ensure all the necessary equipment is on site and ready for you.
Our site insurance allows us to take in players from 12 years of age. HOWEVER, we only allow 'mature' under 16's to attend, which means; willing to play fair, take their hits without question and not prone to tantrums or huffs :) We are very serious with these conditions, we have no intention of spoiling any other players game day by accepting a troublesome youth.
Anyone under 18 to 16 must be accompanied by an adult for their first visit and a disclaimer signed by the parent or guardian. After the first visit, players of 16yrs and older can turn up on their own.
All other players under 16 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian for each and every visit. The parent/guardian does not need to take part in the days events (although we highly recommend you do!) but can wait in the safe zone so you are in contact with your junior throughout the day. In exceptional curcumstances we may allow the junior player to be left on site under our supervision but that would only happen if they had attented a few times and proved to be a 'safe bet'.
ANY AND ALL PLAYERS UNDER 16 YEARS MUST WEAR A FULL FACE MASK AT ALL TIMES DURING PLAY. There are no exceptions to this rule as it is a condition of our insurance.