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Walk On Fee £20

Annual Membership

Full Hire £45
Gun Hire £15
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Corporate Games
Picture the scene: a wet Monday morning, same old desk, same old computer, same old week to look forward to...
Why not add a challenge to your week? Want to give your team a completely different objective to rise to?
While we can no-longer offer Corporate days at The Fort, we can at The Fortress! So regardless of the weather, if you can persuade a minimum of ten friends that they should while away a few hours hunting each other down before shooting them, why not give us a call and book a half or full day of fun! We can cater for those just looking to have a custom day with friends to corporate and stag parties.
We offer a variety of game styles to suite most people and weather permitting, we can have a bit of fun outside the building too. Ask nicely and we'll even run custom games to your specification if it's at all feasible. Fancy a game of Hunt the Stag anyone?